India’s rice exports achieves all time record at 10.4 million tonne for 2013 – 14

India’s rice exports achieves all time record at 10.4 million tonne for 2013 – 14

India’s rice exports achieves all time record at 10.4 million tonne for 2013 – 14
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New Delhi, Apr 22:

Sharp increase in demand from the middle-east countries specially Iran and Saudi Arabia, US, Europe for Basmati rice and and in Africa countries including Benin, Senegal and South Africa for non-Basmati rice , India’s rice exports has reached an all time high both in terms of volume and value in the last fiscal.

As per latest data, India’s realisation from the rice export has crossed Rs 42,668 crore in 2013-14 (April- March) in compared to Rs 32,915 crore reported in the previous fiscal. The volume wise also the country’s rice exports has reached 10.4 million tonne last fiscal compared to 10 mt of shipment in 2012-13.

This jump in rice shipment is expected push India into the top amongst the rice exporting countries. Thailand and Vietnam are the other key  rice exporters, who ship around 7 milliopn tonne of rice annually each.

This volume wise although the rice exports have grown marginally, value wise the realisation has increased by more than 29% in compared to 2012-13.

The country exported Basmati rice worth of Rs 28,189 crore (4 million tonne) in the last fiscal while non-Basmati rice exports was achieved at Rs 14,479 crore (6.4 mt).

“Sharp rise in demand from Iran and devaluation Rupee against dollar has helped the country’s export earnings,’ Vijay Setia, former-President, All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA) and an exporter said.

Setia said the Basmati rice exports would have increased by further 2 -3  lakh tonne last fiscal if imports by Iran had not slowed down during last few months. Commerce ministry sources said that Iran in a bid to curb further rice import for protecting domestic growers have been put sanitary norms recently.

The data also indicate that Middle east countries —- Iran (1.3 million tonne), Saudi Arabia (0.82 mt), Kuwait (0.19 mt), United Arab Emirate (0.16 mt) and Yemen (0.14 mt) have been top five exports destination for aromatic and long grain Basmati rice.

The countries  —- Benin (1.2 million tonne), Senegal (0.9 mt), South Africa (0.39 mt), United States (0.35 mt) and United Arab Emirates (0.29 mt) are the key importers of non-Basmati rice from India.

“Factors such as adhering to global quality standards, improvement in quality of packaging and transportation and devaluation of Rupee against dollar contributed mainly to rise in rice  exports,” a commerce ministry official said.

The official also said that the rice exports have been rising steadily since the government lifted a 4-year-long ban on non-Basmati rice exports in September 2011.

The last seven years have been watershed years as far as India’s basmati rice exports go. From a modest Rs 2,792 crore in 2006-07, exports have increased manifold to cross the Rs 28 ,000-crore mark in the last fiscal.

Meanwhile, exporters said the new variety – Pusa 1509  would definitely replace large areas under Pusa 1121, which has more than 70% share in India’s Basmati rice exports market. The variety has been sown in the Punjab for the first time in the last Kharif season.

During the trial phase, yield wise, the ‘1509’ variety has given around 6.5 tonne per hectare against around 4.5 and 2.5 tonne reported for the widely grown 1121 and traditional Basmati varieties, respectively.

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